Dixie State Conferences and Workshops

What is Cashnet and how does it work?

Cashnet is the payment processing website used by Dixie State University. Think of it like Dixie's "Paypal". When paying for camps, workshops, conferences, or even tuition, all payments are processed through Cashnet.

Benefits of creating an account

  • Ability to pay by electronic check to avoid the processing fee
  • Ability to save payment types for future camps/workshops
  • Ability to login to your account anytime to view/print payment receipts
  • Streamlined check out process for future transactions

Important Notes:

  • All credit/debit cards are charged a 2.75% fee of the transaction amount
  • You may avoid this fee by paying by electronic check using your bank account and routing numbers

We will show you the payment process for Conferences & Workshops below:

From your account page, select "Register" from the left menu, this will give you a list of open registrations:

Select your desired event, and you will be transfered to the Cashnet Payment Website:

Note: Your login for the Conferences & Workshops website is separate from Cashnet. We recommend using the same email and password to create an account for Cashnet.

Notice there are 3 options:

  1. Login if you have an exisiting account
  2. New Registration: To create an account
  3. Guest Access: Pay for the camp without creating an account (credit cards only)

We will first show you the process by using the Create Account/Log in options:

After creating your account and entering your information, you are given the option of paying by credit card, or electronic check. We recommend using electronic check to avoid any fees. You can also save the information to your account so you do not have to enter it again.

*Cashnet uses Bank grade online security to keep your information private.

After entering your account information, you are able to pay the registration with no extra fees.

Using the Guest Access Option to pay by Credit Card

If you select the Guest Access option, you will be directed to the following page:

Enter your information and select "Continue Checkout"

On this page you must acknowledge that you are paying an extra processing fee. Notice that this fee is NEVER refunded, even if you receive a full refund for your DSU camp or workshop.

On the final page your are shown the amount of the camp/workshop, plus the processing fee of 2.75%. Click "Submit Payment" to finalize your payment.

You will receive an emailed receipt, and also have the option to print a receipt. You will NOT usually receive a confirmation from the camp/workshop. If you have completed the registration and payment, LOGIN to your account and select the "My Classes" option from the left menu. If the camp/workshop is listed, you are registered and not further action is required. If you have received a payment receipt, but the camp/workshop is not listed on your "my classes" page, call Conferences & Workshops for directly to troubleshoot.

It is important that you routinely check the email you used to register. Sometimes the coaches have questions/information they send via email.

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