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Online ACT Prep Workshop

Dixie State University has partnered with The Center for Legal Studies to offer an online ACT Test Prep course. The course is administered by CLS and payment and registration are handled through their website.

If you are college bound, you will probably be required to take the ACT Assessment. Almost all undergraduate colleges and universities require that prospective students take either the ACT or the SAT and most students take both. Taking this course first will prepare you for all question types found on the ACT. We will analyze each of the test question areas and give special consideration to math and verbal refreshers and techniques aimed at relieving test-taking anxiety. You will practice on actual ACT tests from previous years, and we fully explain and interpret the correct and incorrect answers.

  • Topics include effective word usage, grammar, and reading comprehension for the verbal sections; techniques for the science reasoning section; and basic and advanced math concepts (including fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and proportions) and algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric concepts for the math section.

Course Books

Required textbooks for this course:

  • The Real ACT Prep Guide, 3rd Edition, ISBN 0768934400, is available at your local bookstore or online and should be purchased before your first day of online class.

Cost: $150

Course Requirements:

Internet access, e-mail, and the Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome web browser.

This course is 7 weeks long.

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  • Register by clicking the green banner above. Enrollment and payment are handled through our online partner.